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the world & covid-19

Sadly at the time of completing this module, the world has been thrown into lockdown with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are all required to stay at home, avoid social contact, businesses have closed and the future is very much an unknown entity.

I was due to add two new shoots to my website, but am unable to complete one of them as it was to take images for a new cafe bar that had opened in West Wales. To replace these I am going to undertake some food and product shoots at home. I will also add some environmental portraiture from my Living Levels project.

As for work, then for now, my hopes to become a freelance photographer may have to be on hold until the world is a more stable and secure place. I will certainly be looking to continue my studies at USW in order to top up my Foundation Degree to a BA (Hons) Degree and looking for work to support me along the way. Hopefully in the not too distant future then the economy will improve and it will once again become possible to find work.

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