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Scenario: Someone has contacted you wanting to purchase a canvas print of one of your images. They want it 'quite large'.

What sizes will you offer the client, how much will you charge, how will you deliver it, where will you get the canvas to the client, how much will each size cost you, how much will you make from each canvas size, how will you know if it is of professional quality?

I will be using SIMLAB to process any client orders having used them previously I know that they are a trusted supplier, producing quality products. Following an enquiry from a client, I would initially send them the following pricing sheet:

I would initially offer them the full range of sizes as quite often expectations of the size of an item do not match reality. I would also offer the client some recommendations based on the content of the photograph and where they are thinking of placing it in their home. I would also advise that if the canvas is a colour photograph they should consider what colour wall it is going to be placed on and the colours of the furniture and accessories in that room to ensure that it is a complimentary piece of artwork. I would also explain the differences in terms of finishing such as do they require a canvas wrap or a coloured edge. I have included an image of canvases on the leaflet which I can use to explain the different options available.

A price of £15 delivery is quoted. In most instances I would be getting the canvas delivered to me first so that I can check it for quality. I would then hand deliver the item to the client or allow them to collect in person so that I can ensure they are happy with the end product. Your reputation is only as strong as the satisfaction of your last client and I wouldn't want them to be unhappy about the item and tell others. Likewise, if there was an issue with the supplier then I would need to be responsible for dealing with that and ensuring that the client did not see it as a fault of mine.

With regards to pricing, I have added 30% to the cost to me of each item - this is to cover the 20% VAT that the supplier adds to the cost, plus an additional 10% to cover the time taken to place an order. Although this may not be enough, it gives me scope to increase pricing as I become more established.

For delivery I have rounded the £10.50 supplier cost to £15 to cover the 20% VAT and a small amount to cover the cost of any repackaging that may be required for hand delivering to the client.

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