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As explained in my previous blog post, my original business card was produced last summer to coincide with our first end of year exhibition. It featured an image from my exhibition and had my contact details along with a quote about photography. However, in hindsight the font size was too small making it difficult to read. Whilst my brand name contains photography, the generic nature of the image meant it was also not clear as to the genre of photography I worked in.

As part of this module, I have clarified that I will be focusing on commercial, editorial, food and events led photography. Therefore I felt that in line with redesigning my website, it would also be wise to design a new business card that demonstrated more clearly what type of photographer I was.

I started by choosing some imagery that I liked from a shoot. Although it shows food, I felt it was an image that could cover all categories of photography I would be listing on my business card.

I then added a coloured box to allow me to clearly identify my logo and additional text.

However, I felt that although the word photography is in my logo, it still wasn't clear and so amended the design further.

With one side of the card complete, I turned to the second side that would contain my contact details. I chose to use another image from the same shoot for continuity.

On this side, I decided to use the same tone for the coloured box to contain text, but changed the opacity to allow some of the image to still be shown.

With the design complete, I have saved it as a print ready PDF so that when it becomes time to print the card it is ready.

Given the UK is now on lockdown due to Covid-19, it unfortunately will be very difficult to find work at any point in the near future. However, once the world has returned to a more normal position, I will be getting the cards printed. To enhance the card and the nature of the image, I envisage also getting them printed on a textured card stock. In the meantime, here is a mock up of how they will potentially look once printed.

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