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Although I have had a temporary Wordpress site along with a business domain name and email account since 2019, I have made the decision to move my hosting to Wix as I feel their website templates have a much nicer aesthetic to them. They are also a lot easier to work with in terms of design and layout. They are far simpler than Wordpress and require very little work to get them looking professional.

I am using one of their recommended layouts for photographers as they place the most emphasis on showcasing the images yet still allow for pages containing the necessary written information on prices, about and contact.


To date I have used online resources to purchase any kit. I have a relatively new camera and a few lenses, a portable product studio, some flat lay backdrops and a backdrop stand with full height backdrops. I will continue to use online sites such as, and others in my purchase of any additional items required.

I do have a wish list which will form part of another blog post about budgets.


As work will primarily be provided on a digital basis I will not need to include a pricing structure for printed goods such as albums, prints, framed prints etc.

However, if any requests were made or I wanted to print and display my work at an event or exhibition, then I would continue to use the online services of SIMLAB. (

They offer all the different types of printed goods I may require, from prints to large format. To date their work has been of a high quality and they offer a quick and efficient turnaround.

The only product I would possibly look to source at the moment would be branded USB drives as these may be requested by those clients who require their images on a portable drive as well as online delivery.

There are lots of online suppliers with prices for a simple branded 16GB drive starting at around £100 for 20 (eg. This would be another good marketing/brand awareness tool if the USB is shown or shared in a client’s business environment.

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